Rebecca Snelling

Rebecca Snelling, owner of RS Consulting, coaches people, teams and organizations on leadership and Lean Transformation with an emphasis on advancing culture. She started in the construction industry in 1996 and began coaching companies and teams in 2006 with a focus on applying Lean principles in various organizations and project types. She works with owners, architects, contractors, engineers and trade partners, as well as full project delivery teams. She coaches leaders at all levels to integrate lean thinking into their organization and develops Lean Coaches to effectively facilitate, train and coach others implementing lean practices and behaviors.

She has been actively involved in the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) since 2008 and is a contributing author of both LCI books: Transforming Design and Construction, a Framework for Change, and Target Value Delivery: Practitioner Guidebook to Implementation. Rebecca is the Chair of the LCI Board of Directors and sits on the Board for the Center for Innovation in the Design and Construction Industry (CIDCI).

Taking advantage of lessons learned in lean IPD projects

Taking Advantage of IPD Lessons Learned to Improve Future Outcomes

In the Lean Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) Community, we have all heard of Plan-Do-Check-Act. We understand that it is the cycle to create continuous improvement, one of the foundational pillars of Lean and IPD. Yet why is it so difficult to implement improvement? We often neglect to implement the “Act” […]

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going big in the big room, lean IPD, construction, collaboration

Going BIG in the Big Room

We have all seen Big Rooms. Some are dynamic and exciting. There is open discussion and healthy conflict. By contrast, others are Big Room in space only. People from companies congregate together, instead of cross-functionally. Information is hidden from fear of consequences and lost reputation. Interaction is formal and trust

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