IPD for Small Projects Case Study

Is it possible to implement Integrated Project Delivery on a small project, and if so, is it worth it?

Most projects implementing Integrated Project Delivery are large, complex projects that play out over a large duration.  Sample projects include hospitals, pharmaceutical, university buildings, etc.

Based on three small projects delivered with Integrated Project Delivery along with lessons learned from each of the projects.



Yes, it is possible to use Integrated Project Delivery on small projects with the following qualifications:

  • Works best on complex projects where reliability is important (mission critical, occupied areas, complex permitting requirements)
  • There is an investment in the team upfront, must be willing to invest in the early stages of a project.
  • Know what problem the team is trying to solve.  This will focus the team on what is important.
  • Small, low complexity projects will probably not receive a large benefit from the added investment and set up Overhead of an IPD delivery model.
IPD Value - Size and Complexity
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