How owner organizations impact decsion-making in design and construction. New research project from University of washington.

New Research Project: How Do Owner Organizations Impact Decision-Making?

A new research project from the University of Washington (UW) intends to reveal how owner organizations impact project decision-making.

Owners have a significant impact on the success of every design and construction project they undertake. They have distinct organizational structures and cultures in terms of decision-making, and those characteristics can predict the successful use of the various delivery methods used on those projects.

However, most owners don’t understand the implications of their decision-making culture on project outcomes.

What if owners had access to a tool that helped them anticipate the challenges and alignments they may experience when using various project delivery methods to enhance project outcomes?

The goal of this new research project is to create just such an innovative tool based on the data from project owners. The research results will flow directly into the design of this tool, which will be publicly available.

But to create this tool, we must first understand how certain owner characteristics–particularly around decision-making culture–are linked to project success.

If you are an owner or from an owner organization, please participate in this short survey. It is funded by the Charles Pankow Foundation, Integrated Project Delivery Alliance (IPDA) and AIA’s Project Delivery Knowledge Community, led by UW researchers Carrie Sturts Dossick, Renee Cheng, and Lingzi Wu.

You can access the survey here. Thank you for making the time to participate!

Introduction to IPD is a new online course from Lean IPD and IPDA

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