Considering a career in design and construction? James Pease suggests five reasons to do so.

Why Considering a Career in Design & Construction is a Good Move

Are you considering a career in Design and Construction?

20 years ago, I landed as a healthcare owner's rep almost by accident. I got a summer job working for a hospital as a student intern. The work was challenging and rewarding at the same time. Quite quickly, I figured out that it also paid well. And work kept coming, which suggested job security and opportunity for growth. At some point, I decided to focus on healthcare and get really good at it. The rest is history and I am still working in this field.

There are numerous unique roles in design and construction for any skill set, mindset, and personality. Whether you want to work in technology, finance, law, engineering, HR, architecture, interior design, or in any of the trades that are required to build large projects, the choice is yours.

Here are five reasons why a career in design and construction is a good move:


  • Job security and a growing market

Design and construction are essential industries that will always be in demand. As long as people continue to need homes, hospitals, bridges, roads, trains, and infrastructure, there will be a need for design and construction professionals. A growing market, the demand for specialized skill sets, and increased investment (project size, complexity) are clear indicators that this is an industry with outstanding career opportunities.


  • Creativity and problem-solving

Design and construction careers offer opportunities for creative thinkers and problem-solvers, for people who like to invent new things and processes. As a designer or construction professional, you will have the chance to innovate and create unique solutions to complex problems. This can be personally fulfilling and satisfying and the recipe for success and joy in your workplace.


  • Competitive salaries

Design and construction careers offer competitive salaries for many skill sets. The more experience and expertise you have, the better you will get paid. In order not to fall behind in required industry knowledge, keep developing yourself. Leaders are readers, and lifelong learning and an open mind will open new doors and new (income) opportunities.


  • Collaboration and teamwork

Design and construction projects typically involve collaboration and teamwork. This can be a great opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals, share ideas, and learn from one another.


  • Tangible results

Careers in design and construction offer the opportunity to see tangible results of your work. You can watch your designs or projects come to life, which can be highly rewarding and fulfilling. Additionally, the results of your work may have a lasting impact on communities and individuals, which can be a source of pride and motivation.

In summary, design and construction champions diversity

Design and construction offer opportunities for people with ADD, ADHD, or OCD; for people who love working with spreadsheets, and rules and have a keen eye for detail; for people who prefer working in the fresh air, in the field, onsite; for people who love to design and invent new products and processes; for people who are experts in software development; for people who like talking to and dealing with others.

Hopefully, you can see there is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to find success in the design and construction industry. It offers more diverse opportunities for types of work than any other industry.

No matter if you prefer to work mostly by yourself, in small focused groups, or in large diverse teams, there is something for everyone. The good news is that our industry keeps growing and so do the investments in it.

So, what should you focus on when starting your career?

Firstly, look for something you enjoy doing. We all know that doing what we love and what feeds our hearts and soul will bring us daily joy and success over time.

Secondly, make sure that you are working in a growing market where jobs will improve and become more important with new technology.

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James Pease, Executive Director - Design and Construction Executive Director - Design and Construction UCSF Medical Center, lean consultant, founder of leanIPD blog

James is an expert in the set-up and structure of large, complex capital projects using Lean and Integrated Project Delivery to drive highly reliable results.

He has negotiated IPD contracts and delivered over $650M in complex healthcare projects as an Owner's Representative with multiparty contracts, aligned team incentives and collaborative delivery models.

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