Webinar & Slides: Excellence in Capital Projects – Part 4: The Effective Project Team

Webinar & Slides: Excellence in Capital Projects – Part 4: The Effective Project Team


Excellence In Capital Projects – Part 4

The Effective Project Team


– Growing the Value of Your Projects –

Do you want higher value generated in your capital expenditures?  Is finishing projects on schedule and under budget important to your business?  Is the growing complexity of capital projects and financial constraints making it difficult to maintain your capital assets?

Join experts from multiple industries with complex capital projects at the core of their experience and business models.  What do capital projects in the manufacturing, basic materials, and healthcare industries have in common? Where are they different?  How can we learn from one another?

This webinar series will address capital projects covering feasibility studies, design, contracting, procurement, construction, commissioning and post occupancy along with ongoing capex projects.

Part 4 

“Achieving project success –  The effective project team”

  • Team effectiveness and owner’s mindset
  • Synthesis and communication skills
  • Incentive systems
  • Project team structure and roles

This 84 minute webinar focuses on the specifics of an IPD project and includes a pdf of the 48 slides.


Excellence in Capital Projects is a collaboration between Lean IPD, Owner Team Consultation, and Growing Operations Advisors.   

Vision: a world where capital projects are delivered reliably on a consistent basis and all parties involved make a fair margin.

Mission: To share information and best practices related to the delivery of capex projects from mega projects to routine annual maintenance with industry practitioners who can apply these concepts directly on capex projects.

Lean IPD – Based in Northern California, Lean IPD is dedicated to sharing information related to Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery, primary through its website https://leanipd.com.

Owner Team Consultation – OTC is a team of experienced consultants with complementary competencies specialising in the development of industrial scale mega projects, primarily in Africa.  OTC works by confirming a business ovjectives can be achieved, understanding and balancing owners needs, identifying risk areas and opportunities and proposing mitigation plans.

Growing Operations Advisors – Growing is a small innovative consulting house based in Germany specialized in sustainable and substantial productivity improvement for small and medium enterprises in the industry and service business. Growing optimizes the current operations, creates leadership capabilities, improves capital expenditures and introduces automation and digital operations.


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