Integrated Project Delivery – Culture – The One Thing a PM Can Control


Projects are full of problems, challenges, and opportunities, and project managers have an abundance of project management philosophies, tool kits, approaches, and structures. But for some reason projects across all industries (K12, health care, higher ed, high tech, etc) continue to endure the same age old challenges of scope cutting, unrealistic budgets, and schedule impacts.

The One Thing a Project Manager Can Actually Control.

This webinar explores why, with all these tools available, there is actually only one aspect that every project manager can control – and surprisingly why PMs don’t embrace this aspect.

  • Learn the one thing project managers can actually control and how to do it
  • See case studies of where a PM applied this knowledge and the successful outcomes it led to
  • Develop an awareness and begin to explore how you can begin to understand how to apply this knowledge immediately to your projects
  • See how this application applies to any team – projects, business units, leadership team

This 80 minute webinar focuses specifically on building collaborative project teams by focusing on behavior and DOES NOT INCLUDE a pdf of the 49 slides.


Kyle Majchrowski is a Senior Project Executive with Banner Health who supports the team that manages renovations and new construction throughout the Western Division.  He is also a founding member of Seek Change, a non-profit group which organizes built environment events focused on improving people’s experiences. His teams continue to improve the project delivery experience, implementing collaborative efforts. Kyle focuses on building a strong culture of trust and vulnerability in order to deliver successful projects. Driven to substantially impact workplace engagement, his group explores new opportunities in delivery means, methods, and relationships. 

Kyle has a unique perspective which combines experience as a subcontractor, contractor, developer, and institutional owner as well as time within technology firms focused on the construction industry. Combining degrees in Construction Management and Industrial Technology, he channels his passion for delivering the best cultural environment for his teams to succeed.


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